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I’m Isheanesu Jindu

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Property is really just so fascinating!

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When you read statistics that most real estate agents don’t make a property sale in their first 12-18 months; you realize you won’t make it long in real estate if you came in for a quick dollar. Did I mention that it’s a commission-based industry?

Despite that, there hasn’t been a day where I’m not thankful and excited to be doing what I’m doing. Exploring and learning about new properties, helping people find their dream homes and writing about new discoveries is such a joy to me. 

Here’s working together and seeing you in my in the comment section of my blog posts or any other social media post.

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My Real Estate Broker.

I am currently a real estate negotiator for Jacaranda Real Estate. Such an incredible company to work for; you can find them at the team at our website (HERE)

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I’m your go-to if you’re looking to sell or buy a property in Harare Zimbabwe. Particularly great at the negotiation table as well as assisting with renovation strategies.

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