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The Cost Of Renting Out

This Is a follow-up post to my first installment of “The Cost Of,” a blog series where I discuss what exactly it takes to start-up and venture out into specific real estate investments. The goal is to help you know exactly what you’re walking into when it comes to specific real estate

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Should you buy a Foreclosed home?

iA complete guide to foreclosed properties. Property is being sold; under market value and the transaction is being done by the bank as well; what could go wrong in such an investment? A lot actually, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into. This is often the first and most

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Airbnb vs Renting Out

A definitive head to head battle between Airbnb and renting out. This blog post will compare Airbnb and Renting out strictly under the evaluation of business potential. Yes, you meet more people with Airbnb and yes you have a chance of building rapport with a rental tenant but does it affect your

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The Cost Of Selling A House.

Understanding The 3 Phases of Costs Of Selling Your Home It’s one of the most tragic sights to behold as a real estate agent and what makes it sadder how it hits your home seller repeatedly like waves on the shore. Each wave comes and goes; each time taking another sparkle from

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Real Estate Terms 101

So you’ve entered the world of real estate and have had a rude introduction to real estate jargon. Whether you walked through the doors to buy or sell, rent or rent out or just to have a look around; you’re bound to come across your fair share of  ARMs, CMAs, commissions, agents,

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Tenant vs Landlord

The 7 Factors Of Rental Relationships When the contract is all drawn up and signed, the tenant has moved in and the landlord is getting his rent; what comes next? Is it the happily ever after ending where all tenant to landlord interactions go smoothly and simply? Does the tenant respect the

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The Best and Worst Renovations For Profit

It’s not every day that you renovate which is why you need to make sure that when you do, you do it right! So what defines “right” when it comes to renovation? What is renovating?  Not to be confused with its close cousin “Remodelling”; renovating is the act of either renewing, restoring

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7 Factors every Landlord needs to consider before renting out.

  When it comes to listing the greatest investments you can make to generate wealth and income, you’ll find very few charts that don’t acknowledge or crown real estate as the best wealth-generating investments out there. And when it comes to real estate investment, rentals reign supreme when it comes to creating

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7 Ways To Tell If Your Open House Was Run Effectively

-Was Your Open House Run Correctly!? Short Answer Checklist: If you’re in a rush and have just had an open house you aren’t certain ran successfully or you’re in your home right now while the open house is going on and it’s feeling lacking; below is straight to the point a cheat sheet to review

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Sole vs Open Mandates; What To Expect

Let’s begin by explaining what exactly a ‘Sole Mandate’ is. When you decide to sell your home with a real estate agent, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is deciding whether you want to work with the agent under a ‘Sole’ or ‘Open’ mandate contract A ‘Sole’ mandate contract means that you’ve

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