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The 6 Types Of Real Estate – Part 1/2

Know your Property, How many types of real estate are thereand what are they As a new real estate negotiator I was taken aback when Irealized just how diverse the real estate industry is and the manyavenues and  opportunities available foranyone interested in investing in the industry. This will be a 2

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The 6 Types Of Real Estate – Part 2/2

Part 3: What makes Real Estate Land, Special use and Hybrid 4. land Real Estate Real estate within a specific boundary without the buildings = land real estate. Examples Of Land Real Estate: Empty plots This type of land real estate usually encompasses residential and commercial real estate zones where the actual

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7 Ways To Tell If Your Open House Was Run Effectively

-Was Your Open House Run Correctly!? Short Answer Checklist: If you’re in a rush and have just had an open house you aren’t certain ran successfully or you’re in your home right now while the open house is going on and it’s feeling lacking; below is straight to the point a cheat

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Sole vs Open Mandates; What To Expect

Let’s begin by explaining what exactly a ‘Sole Mandate’ is. When you decide to sell your home with a real estate agent, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is deciding whether you want to work with the agent under a ‘Sole’ or ‘Open’ mandate contract A ‘Sole’ mandate contract

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